July 23, 2007

Wisdom: The Anti-Sloth

Wisdom: The Anti-Sloth

As we continue our summer series on the book of Proverbs, Pastor Smith spoke on the topic of sluggards and challenged us to think about areas in our lives where we just aren't putting forth the effort we need to.

Message Notes:

I. What is a sluggard?

Sluggards are people who deceive themselves. They need to wake up and smell the reality. (26.13-16).

* They believe their own wild-eyed excuses (26.13)
* They would rather stay in bed than deal with reality (26.14)
* They like to go at their own, profoundly slow, pace (26.15)
* They “sticks to their guns”, because they know they are right (26.16)

II. What do people do when they wake up and smell the reality?

* They stop procrastinating and they bank resources for later (20.4, 6.6-11).
* They manage their assets well (12.27; 24.30-34)
* They discipline their desires so they can be diligent and content (13.4) as
well as generous (21.25-26)